Zoom Engagement Ideas

Trying to think of some more ideas for Zoom engagement for our studios currently in lockdown areas...

  • Outdoor sessions - where the students take their ipad or phone outside and do the class in the fresh air in their backyard.

  • Choreography using items in the house - like contemporary choreography laying in bed, or kitchen Ballet.

  • Movie night - the teacher streams a dance movie through shared screen on Zoom and everyone can chat throughout it so it feels a bit like watching it together.

  • Weekly awards, effort prizes, attendance prizes, accolades etc.

  • Kids cooking classes with the teachers.

  • Online workshops in extra non-dance skills that kids might not normally get to learn... like singing, juggling, magic, TV presenting, acting, music editing etc.

  • Book club.

  • Netflix club. (Same as book club but with Netflix)

  • Inspiration circles - where all the kids are encouraged to share a video or photo they've found that inspires them.

  • Online murder mystery party.

Who's got some more ideas to share?

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