Well it's probably better off being a Note on your computer, or a Google Doc or something, rather than an actual little black book, but this is your contact list for covers. If your life is anything at all like mine, you spend far too many hours a year trying to find cover teachers. I reckon I spent an average of 2-3 hours a week doing that last year. It's a horribly time-consuming task, scouring Facebook for teachers, posting in groups, message after message after message after message. And half the time people don't even write back. So you message one, then wait an hour, then message another... it takes all day. That is why I now have my LITTLE BLACK BOOK! (A pinned note in my notes app). Around February of every year I spend a day updating it with names, and general availability. A contact list of go-to teachers for covering and guest spots. I include: Name, Usual available days / times, Styles, Mobile, Email, Hourly rate, WWCC number and DOB. I also (sneakily) have a colour coded score system for them using emojis, so that if one of my management staff have to secure a teacher from the list, they can know who to prioritise first. Obviously people aren't always available on their "usually available" days, but it helps me avoid asking people who are permanently booked on certain days. For example, I know that Lauren Elton doesn't currently have regular teaching work on Tuesday nights, but all other nights she's booked. It's a big timesaver, and a valuable resource for my business. Takes a lot of the hassle out of finding a cover, especially if it's a last minute thing. And I try to keep it updated as often as I possibly can, removing people off the list if I don't feel like they're worth getting in again, updating availability if I ask them to teach and they mention they've gotten permanent work on that day, and adding people whose work I see on social media, who gets recommended to me, and with anyone who contacts me applying for teaching work.

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