Why you should sell DANCE SHOES at your studio...

Apart from the decent money that can be made from the mark up of each pair of shoes... the best reason is CONVENIENCE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS. Make it easy for them. Just like what we talked about at the Symposium... remove the friction. I don't like to hold too much stock at the studio, because it's a lot of money sitting there. So to start selling shoes, I ordered one pair of every size. The students have "fittings" - which my reception staff assist with. Then order the shoes. We put in weekly orders with our suppliers for the first few weeks of the year, then pull back to every few weeks. I like the Weissmans Jazz shoes, baby Tap shoes and Ballet slippers. The only shoes we order that aren't Weissmans are our lace up Tap shoes, which I order from Slick Dancewear. On most shoes we make approx. $10 to $20 profit. Once we figured out the most popular sizes, we order extra pairs of these so that when customers come in and order them, we can give the shoes to them immediately and simply order replacement stock. That makes our customers much happier. Once the busy "back-to-dancing" weeks are over, we will usually even let the customers take the "sample" ones when they buy them, and we order replacements for those - even if someone else comes in that week needing to try on that size, we can usually work around it by trying on the size above and below. We make money from it. My staff order the stock, so it doesn't take my time. And customers love the convenience of not having to go and find a dance shop.

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