What each of us really need now is a rabbit!

Are you feeling this too? Every now and then every dance studio owner has to perform a big magic trick to WOW our studio community. We need to pull the metaphoric Ace from our sleeve. Perform that show-stopping [illusion] that sparks and reignites the fire in the hearts of our students, our parents and our teams. Still not sure what I mean? Here are some examples...

  • A celebrity guest

  • A television appearance

  • A truly exciting performance opportunity

  • A new premises

  • An inspiring graduate success story

  • A huge award or accolade

  • A merger / takeover

  • A guest choreographer

  • A new experience

One BIG trick, or a well-timed series of SMALL tricks. Enough to motivate the lazy. Enough to impress the cynical. Enough to greenify the competition with envy. Enough to start the chitter-chatter of raving fans, as they grow your reputation on your behalf. They're magic tricks because they're hard to pull off, rare to happen, and most people won't know how you did it. But if you can make it happen, it can be game-changing. First of all... think back on your time as a studio owner and make a list of the RABBITS you've pulled from a hat so far. Any from the above list of examples? Something else? Now what made those things possible? You might think that it was luck, and to some extent it probably was... but maybe just maybe there's a way to help increase the chance of something like that happening again. I'll be doing a LIVE on here tomorrow at 2:00pm talking about this idea, and listing 10 things we can do to MAXIMISE our chances of pulling a rabbit out of our hat.

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