What are your 10 commandments?

It's a branding thing, but in a very broad sense. Brand representation and consistency, not just visually but from an experiential point of view as well. Essentially 10 rules, for you and your staff that are big (and little) "no-no's". Your brand promises. Thou shalt never... I have a thing in my studio, I absolutely hate when staff stick notices onto the walls with sticky tape - and I also prefer them laminated so it looks at least mildly professional. That's one of my commandments. The manner and wording when answering the phone... that can be a commandment. In Disneyland the staff - ANY STAFF - are not permitted to ever EVER walk past some trash on the ground without picking it up (google "The Disney Scoop", it's an awesome story). This would be a commandment. YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, IS TO WRITE YOUR 10 COMMANDMENTS FOR YOUR STUDIO. Think of it from a customer experience, branding consistency point of view and come up with 10 rules that shall never be broken. A pledge of allegiance to your brand values. A promise to uphold the vision you dreamed. They can be randomly specific, like "Thou shalt not ever write the studio name in lower-case" (RSD HQ has officially informed all licensees to always use uppercase for READY SET DANCE). Or values-based, like "Owners and staff must never raise their voice to a student to parent under any circumstances." Or "We will never show bare midriff with any costume on a dancer under the age of 12." Or quality-based, like "All photos and videos posted on our social media must be hi-res and professional quality". WRITE YOURS ...AND POST THEM BELOW (At least write one... c'mon, you can do that for sure. What's one that would be unique to your studio?)

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