👉 Ways to build excitement about online classes...

- Start by making sure the staff are showing absolute enthusiasm

- Make the classes as energetic and engaging as you can

- Create a hashtag for your online stuff - Do a Facebook Live showing excitement for it and talking through the sign up process - Share as many photos and videos of happy kids enjoying it on your social media as possible - Maximise usage of the guest teacher stuff Studio Savvy is providing - Be purposefully generous with positive feedback and comments of encouragement - Remind the kids inside of the sessions (whether live or prerecorded) to share using the hashtag and tag your studio IG in it - Offer extra classes just for parents - Regular special fun events (eg. disco, trivia) - Announce that awards will be given for attendance in online classes - Give existing members some “free friend passes” to share with their friends - Run some competitions on social media to boost engagement of all students - Consider teaching choreography for a special routine for the concert open only to the students who chose to sign up for online - Try to briefly pop into all the classes yourself to say hi and see who is doing them and congratulate them for their attendance and effort - Give a weekly “most improved online” award - Post on your studio group with a daily post of “benefits of dancing whilst in isolation” (coming soon for you here inside Studio Savvy)

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