Things your reception staff can do!

A list of things reception staff and office managers can do while they're "on the clock" at the studio.

  • Welcoming walk-ins

  • Processing payments

  • Reconciling bank account payments

  • Replying to emails

  • Replying to Facebook enquiries

  • Calling / emailing overdue accounts

  • Tidying up studio

  • Processing uniform orders with suppliers

  • Shoe fittings for customers

  • Calling to chase up "lost leads"

  • Creating content for social media

  • Writing newsletter drafts

  • Running payroll

  • Paying invoices

  • Placing costume orders

  • Checking toilet paper / supplies in the toilets

  • Buying supplies for the studio

  • Entering eisteddfods

  • Filling out paperwork for exams

  • Calling students who were absent

  • Setting up systems

  • Preparing weekly studio report

  • Updating website

  • Commenting social media as studio account

  • Online research of competitors, opportunities etc.

  • Managing contacts and updating information

  • Scheduling social media posts

  • Ordering stock for canteen

  • Organising files and shared folders

Who else has some to add to this list?

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