The "REACH OUT" email template.

Hi, how are you? Just a really quick message from us here at [studio name] to check in and say hello. We miss seeing you at the studio.

We've been working hard to make some big improvements and create some new opportunities and experiences for our students.

[proceed to list a few things like the example below]

  • Our team has grown. Introducing Frankie Smith and Jennifer Vale. Frankie teaches our Thursday preschool classes and the kids absolutely love her bright energy and friendly smile. Jennifer is an award-winning choreographer, and she has been working with our elite teams to create some exciting performances. (Then include a picture).

  • We've listened to feedback, and implemented a brand new system for communication. Using TeamApp, we have set up an information hub that is easy to access and is updated weekly, including a downloadable calendar and easy-reference FAQ section.

  • Understanding the importance of continued professional development, our teaching staff enjoyed our annual training summit, exploring innovating teaching techniques, new choreography, lesson-planning and first aid training.

  • This year we've been invited to perform as special guests at the Royal Easter Show, and next month we're going to start rehearsing for this cool opportunity.

  • We now offer Acrobatics classes! Due to popular demand, we have introduced three new Acro classes on Friday evenings. These fun classes are taught by the amazing Mr Jim, who is a national champion gymnast and qualified Acrobatics Arts instructor. The students are enjoying learning new tricks, and working towards their goals.

On behalf of the entire [studio name] community we would like to officially invite you back for some classes with this VIP 3-WEEK FREE PASS (attached). It would be great to see you again, and we would love to show off some of the new improvements we've made to our studio since you've been gone.

If it's still not the right time for you to come back, but you know someone that might enjoy our classes, you are welcome to transfer this 3-WEEK FREE PASS to them.

We hope you and your family are well. If you're ever passing by the studio, pop in to say hi

Kindest regards, [Principal], and the [studio name] team

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