Telling our story

Without doubt, the most powerful way to advertise is to tell a story. And we have quite a story to tell. It's a story of survival and resilience. The characters are our staff and our customers, and the beautiful ending is filled with dance, celebration, reuniting and happiness.

Where and how can we tell our story?

  • Write a media release and send it to all your local papers and magazine publications

  • Write a personal message of thank you to your local community for its ongoing support and post on all of your local area Facebook groups with some photos

  • Edit together a video of your students talking about how Covid-19 has impacted their dancing and how they have overcome that

  • Send your story to TV media, news networks, current affairs programs and any company you can find that does video editorial

  • Remind your customers of the journey, and how proud you are of your team for working together to overcome the obstacles that you all did

  • Share your journey with a series of Instagram posts or stories

  • Contact your local radio stations and ask if they would consider having you or a student in for an interview

  • Consider writing your story into a letter to your community and letterbox dropping it to the whole neighbourhood - being sure to include great photos and making it engaging, eye-catching and interesting (like a surreptitious ad, hidden in the form of a letter... maybe even from the point of view of a student)

The idea is to use the story to create exposure for your brand, and to be endearing to your potential customers by showcasing the awesomeness of your team and the strength and kindness of your community.

Get it right, and post it in the right Facebook community group, and it will gather likes and comments of support - which will keep it bounced to the top and get a lot of attention.

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