For All the studio owners who were unable to attend today, I took down some ideas that we discussed and those who were there here's a little recap. Feel free to add any other take aways from today in the comments:

- Instead of a free trial set up a direct deposit of a small insignificant amount (e.g. $1-$5) which will get the potential customer set up on a direct deposit which forces that next level of commitment.

- Offer a Significant discount (e.g. 10%- 15%) to sign up and make first terms payment at the end of the year deadline by December. this commits them for the next year & confirms re-enrolments.

- Offer a 'taster' week to existing students to trial unlimited classes midway through the year for 2 weeks.

- Bring a friend physical passes that has your branding on it and your students can take to school and pass around. - Address the little people when they arrive at the studio, show them they are important and acknowledged- parents are happy when there kids are happy. - Try to use every kids name in the class at least once- they will feel significant and noticed. - Audit your website, see where there is glitches, what needs to be updated, whats not working, what could be a better or easier experience. Check all your forms & links are working. -Talk to your students and find out what they love about coming to dancing & what they want to achieve- set goals with them. This also gives you invaluable feedback as to what to focus on and what keeps your students coming. -Encourage them to journal, take notes on goals and progress so they be accountable for their own progress and dedication to class - Remember you are the captain of the ship(Mood engine of your studio)- You work in service of the studio, create an environment that everyone feels invested to keep the ship going. - Language like we and us not I /Mine makes everyone feel apart of it. Also as much as possible try not to talk to parents about the 'money' have them talk to somebody who manages the accounts. It separates you the teacher from you the business owner making 'too much money'. - Friendship + Purpose + Progress +fun= Retention - When doing polls/ asking for feedback be careful with your wording- you do not want them sitting at home thinking about all the thinkings they don't like. - Make dance a stress free Zone - Provide all new students/ families with a started park of all the things that may cause stress e.g. what to wear, info abut all the classes , expectations etc so they don't feel like a fish out of water. - Ban "What can I do to help?" from staff encourage employees to come to you with ideas to help, removes you having to think for everyone. -Basic human needs.: Certainty, variety, significance, Love+ Connection, Growth, Contribution. How can you incorporate these int your business. Social Media: - Keep your social platforms current- including banners, branding, fresh images.

- Plan social content ahead of time & what time of the year for your posts.

- 2020 trend- Less is more! Keep it simple and to the point, you need to grab there attention in a really small amount of time.

- IRL- In Real life (people are detoxifying social media and there time spent online, you need to get to the point quickly)

- There is a rise in time spent watching stories over news feeds, utilise this feature on Instagram and facebook but any important information that you want to last more than 24hrs also post on your timeline for is stays.

- People love seeing live videos! another feature that you can utilise to engage people in your school.

- Tiktok is the new social media wave, be ahead of the game and utilise this video social platform to communicate with your target market.

- The kids also love the idea of learn,teaching or warming up to these 'trendy' dance moves.

- Promote the parent camaraderie & community- arrange social events that they can bond over.

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