MY personal step-by-step plan for accelerating growth and boosting enrolments the MOMENT I have a date for reopening from the government [NOW... IN PREPARATION BEFORE THE ANNOUNCEMENT]

  • Finish redesign of studio website

  • Film interviews with teaching staff for promo

  • Edit a 60 second montage of the best of last year's end of year concert, for the website

  • Prepare the studio for reopening and make it look as beautiful as possible

  • Film a walk-through tour of the studio for the website

  • Consolidate and organise mailing lists, including a mailing list consisting of every enquiry we have ever received in the last 5 years

Get the studio set up with the additional safety measures for post-Covid Begin posting on local social media community groups and on our own socials, for interested new students to join our priority list


  • Post/send announcements about reopening to existing customers via email, SMS, FB Live, social media tiles etc.

  • Rearrange the timetable (if necessary) to meet the criteria of the imposed conditions

  • Quick turnaround video shoot (once students are allowed in studio) of new promo video, studio tour, class footage etc. ready for website and social media advertising campaign

  • Relaunch my preschool program's paid Facebook advertising campaign with a generous budget and a carefully curated audience

  • Create a new Facebook paid advertising campaign with our new promo videos (three different versions, split tested)

  • Post on every possible Facebook community group, with the video and the exciting news that we have reopened and that we are now accepting new students, with a focus on why right now is a great time to join

  • Create another video with interviews from the most articulate students talking about why they are so happy to be going back to dance and what it means to them, to be used as another Facebook advertising campaign, both organically and paid

  • Get my Jobkeeper staff to take every single one of the 15,000 flyers I had printed up earlier this year, and deliver them to the local areas as a letterbox drop, and to local businesses in flyer stands I bought on ebay

  • Send a three-part weekly email campaign to the freshly curated list of previous enquiries and past students, celebrating the exciting news that we are returning, showcasing some of the new videos and directing traffic to the new website

  • Go through the list of students who have quit dance over the last three years and highlight any that stand out as potential returners, perhaps if they'd originally mentioned they'd like to come back one day after a break, or if I know of their situation from staying connected with the family on social media or through their friends at the studio - and then reach out to them with either a phone call or Facebook message to see how they are and ask if they're interested in coming back to participate in the second half of 2020

  • Film a Facebook Live video inside my studio parents group, with me talking honestly and openly (with strength but vulnerability) about the challenges we've faced as a studio, and how the most helpful support we could possibly receive right now would be help from our families to share our content, post some raving reviews, recommend our studio to their friends and help us re-grow our numbers - for the sake of our teachers, and so that we can continue to provide the high quality training, service and experience that we are passionate about delivering to our families

  • Delegate to staff the important job of physically calling every single 2020 enquiry who didn't end up enrolling, and those who enrolled online but didn't show up to their class at the beginning of this year - working from a script and encouraging a free trial week

  • Encourage all current students to add new classes to their timetable, with a "TRY IT" event week and a special offer, and by asking the teachers to individually mention to each student what extra class they think they would get the most benefit and enjoyment from

  • Take the opportunity that the hiatus provided and open up mid-year auditions to our elite teams, ahead of some new concept video productions we'll be working on

  • Work closely with teaching staff to ensure that every student returning (and new) is being welcomed warmly, encouraged personally, and can feel like they have purpose being back in the studio (I think purpose, progress, connection and habit are the keys to retention, and we will have temporarily lost habit when we return)


  • Individually call every single student from the pre-Corona rolls who doesn't show up to their first lesson back, to check they know that we have re-commenced classes, ask about how they are, and listen to any concerns they might have either financial or health related

  • Offer financial support options on a case-by-case basis to those who might need it due to loss of income

  • Be heavy on social media with in-class content to maximise FOMO for any of the students that haven't returned

  • Step up the onboarding process for new students to increase the chance of them sticking with it, and optimise the potential flow on effect of their "circle", with social media photo opportunities and plenty of wow-factor

I am taking very seriously my goal of 1000 students by the end of 2020. I know that it is unrealistic and highly improbable... but it's fun to have an extreme goal to dream about and work towards. Do you have a different tactic in your plan? What's your outrageously ambitious (crazy-dream) goal for post-Covid growth?

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