Staff Meetings

Staff meetings are so hard to coordinate in our industry. For the majority of our teachers, this is their second job and it only represents part-time hours.

Zoom has opened up our eyes to the efficiency and convenience that virtual meetings can provide. Though it's still nice to actually gather the whole team in real-life every now and then, but more-so for connection, friendships and a sense of community.

Even with Zoom, scheduling for everyone to be available at the same time is sometimes near impossible. But my question is this... how often is a staff meeting actually beneficial?

Don't get me wrong. Communication is CRUCIAL. Constant and consistent communication between staff and management. But staff meetings with everyone at the same time aren't always particularly efficient.

Most of the time, it's just information from studio owners being delivered to staff. Or feedback from staff to studio owners. But does this always need to be done in a large group?

Then of course there are "planning meetings", but how many of your staff are you REALLY actually interested in their input from a planning perspective? Or is a large group perhaps slowing down the process. For a "planning meeting" (like creating a concert) or a "strategy meeting" (like mapping out a marketing policy or new systems for the business), you're probably better hand-picking just 2 or 3 "key" staff members who you believe will bring the most value to the group brainstorming session.

Here are a few other communication methods you could try, that might be more effective and more efficient:

  • Weekly video from the studio owner, briefing staff on goal for the week, communicating new information, reminding about important things and just generally keeping everyone up-to-date. This format of "one-way" communication means that you as the studio owner can control the focus, be succinct in your message and broadcast directly to your team. And for them, it provides freedom of being able to watch and absorb that information at a time that best suits them. The challenge is making sure that every member of staff has listened to, and retained, the message. Asking them to comment below the video post in the staff FB group when they've watched it.

  • Daily posts on staff FB group, whether it be posts copied from the Studio Savvy teachers group, reminders of processes and procedures, inspiring quotes, updates about who has enrolled and who has quit, or messages of motivation and reinforcement of studio goals and values.

  • Regular reports / weekly summaries from staff, updating management about how classes were, how students are progressing, challenges being faced, requests for resources etc.

  • Half yearly / yearly review (or "check-in" for a better name) with each staff member individually to talk about their role, their professional goals, areas in which they've improved, additional support they could benefit from etc.

Then use the rare occasions where all staff are available at the same time for team bonding events like a nice dinner or a group activity.

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