Staff meeting agenda ideas for your "beginning of the year staff meetings"...

  1. Depending on how your staff are set up, if you have "support staff" like admin etc. I'd consider schedule a separate time with them than for the teaching staff, because it'd be a very different agenda to cover. For teaching staff: - Your expectations for them - Clear responsibilities - Arriving early - What they should wear - Being prepared - Studio mission statement, values, goals etc. - Relevant policies - Social media policies - Accountability - Procedures for absence - Requests on their behalf for additional responsibilities - Incident procedures - Child safety policies - Positive reinforcement - Appropriate language, choreography, music etc. - Class time management - Set up and pack up of room - Collective brainstorm for studio and goals For admin staff: - Procedures for any imaginable contingent - Customer service goals - Studio growth goals - Delegation of ongoing tasks and responsibilities - Studio branding consistency - Accountability - Established communication methods between staff - Brainstorm efficiency and customer experience

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