[ways to make things seem extra exciting upon the return to classes, so that students' buzzing energy is maximised and parents are super impressed]

  • New staff t-shirts and uniform

  • Extra extra clean and tidy studio

  • Professional Covid-19 safety signs everywhere reminding of washing hands, social distancing, using sanitiser etc.

  • Furniture re-arranged a bit in foyer

  • Scented candles, air freshener or perfumed spray to give it a super serene and pleasant atmosphere

  • Balloons tied to the front for a sense of occasion

  • Extra preparedness from the teachers so that their first class back is literally perfect, and reminds the kids exactly why they love it

  • Open windows and doors (where possible) for extra fresh air and cool breeze

  • Consider if it's possible to have a friendly greeter at the door with hand sanitizer and to make everyone feel extra welcome

  • Chairs outside to alleviate foyer congestion

  • Thank you cards or mini gifts "for sticking with us through this crisis" handed out at the end of class

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