Only some of the STUDIO SAVVY members have RSD, but for those who do - this is my email enquiry template, which I've updated a little since today's video on their group. Feel free to adapt and use. [For those with different, or their own preschool programs, this email would be easily adjusted to suit.] I've purposely tried to keep it short and simple. It's important not to overload an initial pre-school enquiry with too much info of every single detail about your studio up front. Rather, give them the most relevant info and a path to find the rest online should they be the sort of parent who likes to do heavy research (some do, some don't.) My enquiry manager uses this to respond quickly and consistently to all emails and FB messages about pre-school classes. She just copies and pastes from Notes, and it takes just seconds. (Then of course, she logs the details into our follow-up spreadsheet - so that if there's no response within a few days, she can contact them again incase they did want to try it, but either forgot to get back to us or didn't have time yet to arrange it.) >> READY SET DANCE ENQUIRY TEMPLATE

SUBJECT LINE: READY SET DANCE Hello _________, Thank you for your enquiry about our READY SET DANCE and READY SET BALLET pre-school classes at Commotion Performing Arts in Smeaton Grange. We have awesome classes for pre-school age children available 6 days a week, so you can be sure to find a time and day that is convenient for your busy schedule. Our youngest classes start from age 2 (must have turned 2 before 1st January 2020). You'll see below that some of our classes are for ages 2 to 3, and others are for ages 3 to 5. Please refer to our schedule below to select which session suits best for you. (Insert all class days and times here as text / table) The class cost for READY SET DANCE (a fun combo-class incorporating Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap) is $15 per lesson, and READY SET BALLET (a magical journey of Ballet and Lyrical) is $11. We have a special combined price of $25, because many of our preschool students do both classes (which are always scheduled one after each other).

We have a lots of information about the classes and some answers to frequently asked questions, such as “What do they wear?” and “Can parents watch?” in our online information pack available at the following link >>>

And if you have any further questions not answered on our website, please feel free to call us on 0402 119 073, we would love to chat!

The READY SET DANCE and READY SET BALLET program is really brilliant. You may have seen it on TV on Nick Jr. They are our most popular classes at Commotion - we have over 200 preschoolers who absolutely LOVE coming to our studio each week to have fun in their dance classes.

We would love to offer your child a FREE TRIAL in our READY SET DANCE and READY SET BALLET. Let us know which session(s) you’d like to book and we will send through a trial pass via email.

Looking forward to meeting you at the studio. Kind regards, Team Commotion p. 0402 119 073

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