(a checklist)

  • Put a sign on your studio door explaining the closure and directing people to your website, along with your mobile contact.

  • Do a big final clean, including under the furniture to get all crumbs and food items - so that you don't get pests.

  • Take all the rubbish out.

  • If you have a commercial waste service, schedule a suspension of services after your next pick up.

  • Turn off all powerpoints in the studio.

  • If you have a studio landline, set a new answering machine message, or get your phone company to forward calls to your mobile.

  • Update the front page of your studio website with a notification of how things are impacted by Covid-19. Are you still accepting new enrolments? In what form?

  • If you have a canteen at the studio, take out all the items that will expire soon and either bring them home or donate them to a charity that provides food for those in need.

  • Take the toilet paper home, (it's yours now!) but leave at least one week's worth for when you start back up again.

  • Think through what services will be of no use to you whilst you're closed, and whether or not they can be put on hold for a few months, or relief negotiated. EFTPOS facilities? Internet? Equipment leases? Music licensing?

  • Clearly communicate with your staff about when you will need to stop paying them, and help them get the support available to them from the government.

  • Look at what classes weren't profitable BC, and consider how you might be able to consolidate some of your timetable AC - with the assumption that when things go back to normal, your numbers might have taken a bit of a kick.

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