Our FOUR Distinct Audiences

Instagram and Facebook... I think there's FOUR distinct audiences, and it's crucial to understand them and cater your content for them.

1. Your current students

This is actually likely your biggest audience demographic - especially in terms of engagement and interaction.

So advertising "please enrol" at your studio on your Instagram is preaching to the choir. This is why Facebook and Instagram, in my opinion, are more about boosting retention rates by representing the culture of your studio and creating opportunities for your current client base to get excited about things happening within the studio. Cultivating that obsession and fandom, and strengthening "team mentality" by reinforcing a sense of belonging.

2. Your current students' families and friends They are following your social media in hopes of seeing a photo of their child, or a video of them performing. They're showing their support. Not just mums and dads, but grandparents, aunties and uncles etc. So again, this segment of your audience isn't really needing to be "advertised to". It would be a waste of time. They want content. Lots of photos and videos. They want to stay up-to-date with what's happening at the studio. They're "fans by association". The bonus with, especially the extended family followers, is that once converted to mega-FANS of what you do, they're more likely to recommend your studio and perhaps might have their own children to enrol. We often get a lot of cousins etc.

3. Your past students and their families They used to follow you because it was their world. Now they're not with you any longer, either because they stopped dancing, they relocated, they grew up, or maybe they even went to another dance studio... but they haven't clicked unfollow. They're still seeing you. Sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes just to reminisce, sometimes because they are still super-fans and they want to stay in the loop and connected to the family that they were part of for such a long time. Once again, no interest in finding out your pricing or hearing about enrolment discounts... they want to hear more of the story. What's going on at the studio?

4. Actual fans This is likely your smallest segment. And yes, I'm using the word "fans" loosely. They might be young dancers in your area that already train elsewhere and follow your Instagram because they have a friend at school that dances with you, or they saw you at an eisteddfod. They might be mums of kids who are looking to see what the local dance studios are like, ready to choose one to enrol at - or maybe ready to transition from another school. Finally a group that you can "advertise to"... except no, don't. It's a minority on your social media, and also I think that direct advertising-ish-looking stuff isn't received as successfully as more story-telling. Maybe a reminder when you're accepting new enrolments, or if there's upcoming auditions for one of your elite programs. Maybe a casual "contact us if you'd like to join our teams for next year" sort of thing. If the majority of your social media posts are about advertising your studio, then you're wasting your time and boring your audience. - Ideas for social media posts: - Photos of students from professional shoots overlaid with dance quotes

- Photos of students in class looking happy and showing technique and skill

- Videos of students in class looking happy and showing technique and skill

- Videos of students doing combos in class

- Snippets of concert videos (close up angles look best on social media)

- Announcements of big achievements and professional contracts of students and graduates

- Posters about themed weeks, competitions and celebrations

- Dancer-of-the-week posts to celebrate hard-working students

- Kids nailing their first Tap double pick up, or well-placed leg mount

-Photos of teachers actually teaching their classes

- Memes about dancing

- Special artworks about dancing that you ask your students to create (eg. Why I love dancing)

- Short video snippets of previous promo material

- Photo flashbacks to previous years

- Video flashback snippets of old concert routines

- Promotional images for upcoming events and workshops

- Polls (best done through Instagram stories)

- Competitions with prizes offered

- Cute short videos of little kids talking to camera about why they love dancing at your dance studio

Infographics of how to correctly do various skills and technical movements

- Photos and videos from dance competitions and performances (both onstage and backstage)

- Photos and videos from dance tours and trips

- Short scenes from acting classes

- Parts of songs from singing classes

- Close up shots of feet Tapping, Pointe work, a Jazz pirouette etc.

- Photos with ex-students coming back to visit the studio

- Photos with guest teachers Photos of students in class posing with their teacher

- Tour video of the studio premises

- Videos of the kids playing a game or having fun between classes

- Special messages to your audience at Easter, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day etc.

- Shared viral dance videos

- In-school choreography competition entries

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