Opt-In Online Dance Class Service

For those of you doing online as an opt-in service, don't be scared to really promote it big within your studio.

  • Encourage students using the service to post videos and photos on your studio group

  • Screen record a peek at what the experience looks like online, so people can know what to expect

  • Maximise FOMO by providing "unmissable" content and experiences for those signed up, like guest teachers, fun games and online contests, at home scavenger hunts etc.

  • Be clear that by signing up to your online service, they are supporting you and helping to ensure there's a studio to go back to after all of this

  • Whenever there's a really great video tutorial posted, put up a peek of it on your FB group and insta - like a 30 second clip teaser

  • If numbers are really slow to launch, write thank you posts on your studio FB group individually thanking each student that has signed up, or a list of new sign ups each day

  • Have your teachers post on their personal socials about how much fun they're having creating content for it, and how excited they are to still get to stay connected with their students

  • Start providing choreography for something for the concert via the online platform

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