Right about now I'm honestly kind of regretting the complexity of our "no-free-trial-call-it-a-guarantee-instead" policy. Sometimes I think it's just maybe possibly not worth the confusion. But there is some reason behind it.

I do it because I believe it's harder for them to "cancel", than it is to simply not show up again after a free trial. It does mess up my numbers tally a little bit, but we get them sorted after the first few weeks anyway.

And there is some truth to it. No point booking in a free trial to a class that is going to be full by the time our term begins and they get to actually trial it.

But after classes do start up, after our first week... then I'm going to be offering the UNLIMITED FREE CLASS PASS in all my advertisements and promotions. Because once the term starts, the concern for "holding the spot" is less relevant since they can trial it straight away.

This infographic is my attempt to try and clearly communicate our trial policy for the beginning of the year. It's my copy & paste answer to "Do you offer free trials?". I do just hope the length of the response doesn't turn potential customers away.

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