Beyond simply that of a dance combo tutorial, here are some ideas for other video based content that you and your teachers could create to add extra value for your students.

  • Daily repeatable stretch / strengthen sessions

  • Dance anatomy

  • Dance history

  • Video talking about dance movies and suggesting ones to watch

  • Breakdowns of specific skills, and detailed how-to's for practicing them at home eg. pirouettes

  • Full breakdowns of syllabus work for regular practicing

  • Story time - reading a book - for pre-schoolers

  • An acting workshop with a downloadable monologue script to work on at home and film / upload

  • A dance themed quiz

  • A studio themed quiz specific to things in your studio eg. teachers, inside jokes, past routines etc.

  • Zoom interviews with your teachers, about their inspirations, their advice etc.

  • "Catch ups" just for group chats

  • HOME DANCE OLYMPICS - with a bunch of challenge competitions in one session

  • Different styles than you normally offer eg. yoga, pilates, waacking, body percussion etc. (bring in experts for styles you're not trained in)

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