DAY TWO.... how's everyone's enrolments going? Thinking ahead to when your dancing term begins, how can you turn every new student into two?

- Have someone ready to greet them on their first day, and make an exceptional first impression.

- Make certain to have photo opportunities for them so they can post, and invite them to tag the studio "so that we can share it on our studio page and our studio family can get to know all the new students". (More like, so that you can be sure all their friends, family and followers know what studio they're at.)

- Offer them 2 x "unlimited class pass" trial invites so that they can bring a friend or two with them the next week.

- Send a quick little email or text the day after their classes, saying that you enjoyed meeting them and that you're looking forward to having "little such and such" in your class - and if they have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.

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