Game changing efficiency hacks to use daily

  • Delegate the responsibility, not just the task. I know it's not technically a hack... but it's the best advice any business owner managing a team needs to hear. Any repeating task should be delegated once, with an implemented plan and procedure for subsequent times.

  • Schedule your email time. Where possible, try to batch your email (and Facebook) checking to a few set times throughout the day. This helps avoid distraction and saves massive amounts of time.

  • Shared to-do list with your team. Every time you think of anything that needs to be done, quickly write it into your shared to-do list. A shared note on iPhone is an easy way to set this up. Not only is the list always quickly accessible for you to work from when you're ticking things off, but you can establish an expectation with your support staff that if they see something on the list that they can do, then they should do it (or if they see their name next to the task). An app like Notion or Trello or Asana is even better for managing the task, but even at its most basic form a simple shared document with bullet points gets the job done.

  • Calendar and bulk schedule your social media posts. It's ultimately quicker to create a week's worth of content in an hour once a week, that it is to be creating new content every day. Websites like Hootsuite and Buffer can help you schedule it to post automatically - but if you're not wanting any additional expenses, Facebook has a delayed post option built-in.

  • Do you have "visual voicemail" set up on your iPhone? I didn't for a long time, and that was one of the reasons I never checked my voicemail. Visual voicemail just makes it easier to check, and easier to manage.

  • Use Facebook messenger chats for communicating small group projects, performance teams, staff etc. Facebook groups are great for when communicating to lots of people, but not everyone sees everything. I've found the quickest, most easy-access and reliable way of getting crucial information to a small group of people is Facebook Messenger. I have more group chats going than you could imagine. It just works. People see it. Pro-tip: I use the mute function inside some group chats to avoid the distraction of notifications, and I often establish rules for a group chat (depending on what the group is like) when starting one, such as posting hours and/or requests for not replying within the group chat (in the interest of not annoying everyone) and using it only as a one-way information tool.

  • "Can you please email me so that I remember when I'm in my office?" is something I say multiple times every single day. It's my go-to line when a parent asks me a question I don't have time to answer or needs something done (like a reference or solo music etc.) That way I'm not walking around with 50 things floating around my head, likely to forget 48 of them.

  • Use the text shortcuts on iPhone for anything that is longer than 5 words and is typed frequently. It's perfect for your Instagram post hashtags, studio address, commonly typed phrases like "No problems. Thank you for letting me know." etc.

  • Set up your mini-info answers as little copy and pasteable paragraphs in your most easily accessible location on your computer. I've got some as infographics, and others as paragraphs. When you get an email that needs an answer and it's something you've answered multiple times before, you can just flick to the answer and copy+paste it into your reply. Saves hours of typing for me every single week.

  • I've also set up my website with extremely easy-to-remember URLs, so that if someone asks me for something I can send them directly to the exact relevant page on my website. (I have dozens of them)

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