Remember, if you get them printed in bulk, then the cost per flyer decreases. (I think around 5c per flyer is what I paid last time.)

So what do you do with them?

- Some schools still allow you to give them flyers to hand out, if you pay a donation to the school. Usually it's a small donation and extremely worth it. Most schools now don't allow it (I miss the good old days).

- Letterbox drop can still be effective. You could do this yourself for some additional exercise and because it's free. Or you could ask current customers if they'd be willing to deliver to their own street, or their own neighbourhood. Maybe some of the students would be interested in a little bit of pocket money? I offered $50 per thousand flyers delivered to my students last year and a bunch were very keen. Even as young as 10 years old (went with their parents).

- Alternatively you can find a company that actually delivers them for you, but this can be quite expensive.

- Ask local shops and businesses if you can leave a pile of flyers on their counter or in their waiting room. You can offer to return the favour for them. This is the gift that keeps giving, because it might be months later and people will still be picking them up. And the other awesome thing about this way of doing it, is that you tend to waste less flyers on people who aren't interested. Only those who glimpse it and think "ooh, dance classes - Suzie might like that, I'll take one and give them a call" will take one.

- If your local schools won't hand them out for you, they MIGHT accept you leaving some in their office. Medical centres, dentists, lawyers, accountants (anywhere with a waiting room) is ideal for leaving some. You can buy clear plastic flyer holders for REALLY cheap in bulk online and that way they'll look nicer in waiting rooms and on counters, and will be less likely to be thrown out by the establishment.

- Your students can walk around giving them out, before and after performances at fetes and local events.

- You can keep some in your bag for when you are having conversations with people out and about and they express interest in your dancing studio.

- You can staple them to "bring a friend" invites or "free class vouchers" and your students can hand them out to their friends.

- Have them at your pop-up stalls.

- Put them up on local community noticeboards.

- Seek out local events that have show bags and ask to have your flyer in them. (They'll probably charge, but depending on the price it might be worth it.)

Who else has some other ideas for distributing enough flyers for world domination

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