Fathers Day is coming up... how is your studio celebrating?


  • Victorian dance studios dancing via Zoom can do "Dance with Dad" classes

  • Studios around Australia could decide on a class by class basis whether or it's possible to invite dads into the room for some kind of "watching week" whilst still meeting your relevant local restrictions

  • Little videos made in class can be posted, or edited together as a thank you message for the dads

  • Take individual photos of the kids at the studio holding a cool looking Happy Fathers Day sign

  • Kids come to class dressed up as their dad (or a famous dad from a movie or TV show)

  • A competition inside the studio FB group where dads post videos of themselves dancing, or dancing with their kids, or following along with a tutorial one of your teachers posts

  • Some kind of chocolate or treat that the kids are given at the studio to take home for their dads - like a Caramello Koala or something equally simple and affordable

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