I spoke previously about selling photos yourself and turning it into a BIG revenue source for you. Certainly not ideal for everyone's situation. Some are wanting less on their plate, not more And some have great relationships with their photographers or commission arrangements that they are happy with. But it might be of interest to some?

I pay my photographer by the hour, and get over 10,000 photos which I upload to a service website called shootproof.com and it makes an online gallery where parents and relatives can look at the photos (they have a watermark over them so they can't just be screenshot) and select which ones they'd like to buy. The photos are paid for through the website with Paypal and INSTANTLY emailed as hi res images to the customer (done automatically through the system - I do NOTHING). I charge $10 per photo and will often get parents ordering $150 to $250 worth of photos. Average order size is about $50 (five photos). I make several thousand dollars profit each year with this - and the money is coming in consistently around Christmas and January which is when us studio owners are most needing the supplementary income. Once I made over $10,000 in a year from this. And the set up takes me about 4 hours in total.

Here's the link to my studio gallery so you can see how I set it up... https://commotionkids.shootproof.com/

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