Eat Your Frog!!

We all have different habits and processes we put in place to prioritise our daily to-do's, and ways we try and stay motivated while ticking our tasks off. I love hearing new innovative ideas on how others manage their mountain of responsibilities, pressures and demands that come crashing in from all facets of life.

I personally am a list enthusiast! I have lists here, there and everywhere on just about anything and everything. And I am usually the first to sing my praises when I tick a few things off a day!

But let's be real... they are usually the easiest and least important things that need to be done. Those massive tasks often left last due to the overwhelming amount of perceievd effort and time that is required to get them completed. I needed to change this pattern, alter my mindset and learn the art of prioritisation as a pile up of important jobs started to hang over my head, impeding on my work and my own wellbeing.

One day, I was in conversation with a friend of mine that juggles many aspects of their life effectively. They started to share some of their life experiences and advice on work load management, swearing by a process of EATING A FROG EVERY MORNING. I stood there, like a deer in the headlights, unsure If they were talking about a new fad diet that improved concentration?!

They then continued to explain ”As disgusting as it sounds, the gruelling process of getting your toughest or biggest job done is nothing short of horrible at times. Every morning I've forced myself into a habit of picking the biggest and most important task of the day. Once I have picked my FROG of the day, I ensure I get it all done, and eat it all up!!"

Despite this just being a creative way to prioritise tasks, it has been super effective for me as now those critical tasks stop slipping through the cracks until the dead line is insight. Rather now the right amount of time and energy is directed to the right tasks.

I challenge you now to go away and pick your FROG of the day, and see if this prioritisation tool is as motivating for you as it has been for me.

Let me know in the comments of any other management strategies you use to keep on top of your work load!

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