- Easter Egg hunt around the studio

- Easter Bunny appearance

- Colouring in competition

- Easter t-shirt decorating competition

- Teachers giving out chocolate eggs after each class

- "Guess how many eggs in the jar" competition

- Easter hamper raffle (could also be done online through something like trybooking)

- Easter themed dance activities in preschool classes - like bunny hops from the corner, songs about Easter etc.

- Teachers wear bunny ears

- Carrots given out to the kids instead of chocolate

- Egg and spoon races

- Easter egg bowling / rolling competition

- The newspaper sculpture game - every person gets 3 sheets of newspaper and has one song to sculpt a particular thing (eg. an Easter Bunny) and the best one wins a prize

- Film the teaching staff doing a cute and funny Easter dance to post on Easter Sunday on your studio Facebook group

- Easter dance social media competition - where the parents are encouraged to post a 6 second clip of their child's "Happy Easter Dance" on Easter Sunday morning when they wake up

- Easter movies playing on the studio TVs

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