Do you have a canteen at your studio? Do you offer dinner? A couple of years ago we launched "DINNER CLUB". We post the menu up at the beginning of the week on FB and parents comment to order. The meals are $7.50 and always include a side, a dessert and a drink.

The parents are invited to volunteer to cook for it, and we release a Google Sheets roster that they can add their name and menu onto. In return for cooking they get 10 free meals for their child throughout the term, valued at $75. We also reimburse their ingredients costs (they have a limit on what they can spend though).

The cooking parents get a good deal, and there's a little bit of friendly competition of who creates the coolest meal. And the other parents love that they can send their child to dancing and know that for a very cheap price they can have a home cooked meal in their dinner break.

To be honest it doesn't make me any money. Mostly because of the 10 free meals offered to parents who cook. But that's why we call it dinner CLUB. It's more about the collective helping each other out. And I make that very clear to the parents. But there's no pressure for them to be involved. It's totally optional.

We tend to get around 25-35 orders per night.

Like I said, it's not really all that profitable, but it's a huge convenience factor for the parents. Also it's a highlight for the students. When asked what their favourite thing about dancing is, several always say dinner club. And maybe it's just that one little extra magic memory they will take with them into adulthood, about their cool childhood dancing experience.

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