"Dear local primary school,

I'd like to introduce myself. I am the director of ___________. [insert some info about your studio and your community involvement.]

One of my students who goes to your school recently mentioned that you often give some prizes away as part of your presentation day ceremony. [Studio name] would love to offer 20 vouchers for a FREE term of dancing (up to the value of $200 each), with no extra costs or obligation to become a paying customer after. We know there are a lot of kids out there in the community who don't get the opportunity to do after-school activities like dance, and we want to help as many children as possible enjoy the benefits of performing arts.

Please give me a call if you'd like the vouchers and I'll bring them down to the school. Looking forward to hearing from you Kind regards ___________" School's benefits... - they have a bunch of generous prizes to hand out - parents are happy - the work is done for them

Your benefits... - most of the awards will go to students not currently attending your studio (statistically likely) so it's not actually costing you a cent (assuming your classes aren't already full) - when they come for a term, it's likely that the majority will enjoy it and stay for the rest of the year, some maybe even longer - the studio is mentioned to a room full of attentive ears every time the award is handed out... good advertising - whoever wins it might bring friends with them to enrol - if they are award recipients, it's likely they're great students and hard workers, and will be a pleasure to teach - if you convince the school principal to use the dance vouchers as prizes for the "Performing Arts Award" for each class... or even a special extra performing arts scholarship award given by the teachers to one person in each class that they know isn't currently doing after-school dance, then they will pick students they feel have great potential as performers - and these would be great students for us to have - the school sees it as a favour, so it would be inclined to put a flyer in with the newsletter or something like this - it establishes a relationship with the school for future project partnerships, and possibly even some workshops or production choreography

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