Huge day for me, 11 hours at the studio prepping things for the year. Didn't get ANY advertising done today... but thankfully my "set-n-forget" Facebook and Google ads kept running, and 7 new enrolments came in... and thankfully my admin assistant answered the email enquiries and processed the online enrolments during a few spare moments in her day whilst currently working over in Argentina. My post the other day spoke of being everywhere all at the same time, and of course that's not possible. But WE don't have to be everywhere, just our MESSAGE does. Set-n-forget!!!! That is the best way to ensure consistent flow of new enrolments throughout the year. I'm thinking of trying to find billboard opportunities in my area. What did you do today? I had another thought earlier today... I'm thinking of hiring a slushee machine for the first week of the term and giving out free slushees... I'm going to get some prices tomorrow to see if it's viable. I think it would just be such a cool WOW-FACTOR moment for the first day back. Someone greeting everyone at the door with a nice cool slushee after a hot day at work/school. Or... if I wanted to take more advantage of it, I could say FREE SLUSHEE for anyone who "checks in" to the studio on social media. It's a little less magical because there's such a clear motive behind it, but maybe the benefit of having that much social reach is worth it? Today's challenge, think about the VIBE and the first impression that your studio entrance and foyer gives your new students who are about to start their experience with you. What can you do to improve that overall first impression? Ambient music playing at a background level from a speaker in the foyer? More clear signs directing people to rooms they need to find? Someone (like a friendly Senior student) standing at entrance, there purely to greet people as they arrive? What about scented candles to subtly enhance the atmosphere?

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