Day 9 of the 10 day challenge... the goal was to get as many new students into our studios as possible. To fill the classes we have so that we can (in theory) make more money.

We've done our advertising. We've posted on social media more than Kim Kardashian. We've emailed our mailing lists, made Mark Zuckerberg richer, filled the letterboxes of the neighbourhood with more murdered trees, and hustled to spread word throughout the world of our life-changing world-class dance studios....

So now what?

First of all DON'T STOP! There is no reason to stop now... unless you're full, in which case add a new class. There are so many customers to be gotten in February. It's still prime time for enrolments. Set your daily goal. Mine is 10 a day for 10 days from the day we start up. I want that extra 100 kids. And to be honest, I'm relying on them because right now my numbers of students *actually* enrolled are lower than last year.

February is about the parents who haven't had time to think about activities for their kids yet, and are waiting until school settles in before committing to anything. February is about the friends of the kids who have recently started with you, who will join because of the outstanding experience you create for those new kids and their families, that ensures they can't talk about anything other than how amazing your studio is. February is about those returning customers who forgot to enrol, but are just going to turn up and do it when they get there.... what a perfect time to upsell. February is about all the kids you have getting the opportunity to try new styles and classes and add to their enrolment. February is about all the people that have signed up to another dance studio and don't enjoy their first couple of weeks there so when they see your ad, they consider doing an early-in-the-year switcheroo. February is about the parents who haven't found you yet, but they're about to.

So keep pushing. That ideal window of opportunity is closing so make the most of FRESH FEBRUARY!

Second of all, now it's very much about the dancing. Finally! The actual classes. The real experience. Not just promoting, but doing. Providing value. Improving training. Building relationships. Having fun. Creating. This is the bit that we like most. This is why we got into this business. So let the fun begin, and enjoy every magical moment inside that studio because this is the where we get to really shine.

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