Cyber Security

More important that ever. Not only do we need to protect our own information and bank accounts, but we also have a responsibility to our customers to protect their data. Here's a handful of things we can to do...

  • Different passwords for every different app, service and website. Because one will get hacked! And if you have the same password for all, then the hacker can get to everything. I use a password that is mostly the same for every account, except for a few letters that are specific to each website. Eg. If my password was "Apples24$", (which it is not) ***And notice that it has uppercase, lowercase, a number and a symbol - because sometimes some or all of these things are needed - then I could use the second and third letter of the website the account is with and put it before the rest of my basic password to create a unique (but easy to remember) password. Like if it was an Amazon account, then "maApples24$".

  • Virus protection software on all of our computers.

  • Changing all passwords every year or so.

  • Data back-up both digitally (cloud) and physically (external hard drive) every single week. Data-napping is becoming more and more popular, with viruses disabling user access to data and holding it ransom for thousands of dollars. Having back ups helps protect us in this instance.

  • Signing out of computers at the studio if left unattended.

  • Hiring a cyber security specialist to come and audit your systems and attack-proof your setup.

  • Keep your software and operating systems up-to-date, because they have security patches to protect from the latest threats.

  • Secure your WiFi networks.

  • Use encryption for sensitive business and customer information.

  • Train your employees to be aware of potential cyber threats, internet scams etc.

Here's an Australian government article for further reading if you're interested...

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