I wrote this for my own studio's staff group. It's a little much, but it's my attempt at rallying the team. Motivating others has never been my strongest suit, but it's something I've gotten a little better at with experience.

Anyway, I'm only posting it here because some of it may be copy-and-pastable (with some editing of course) for you to post to your team. Or something similar but different maybe? (Because even I think this is a little much... lol).

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Three weeks until the big one now teachers... and after a little accidental look back at some old concert footage from 2015 when transferring files on my computer, I'm filled with fear and adrenaline and I feel like we've got some stepping up to do.

Here are my thoughts...

Every second of class time counts right now!!!The kids knowing their choreography is only 25% off the equation. Their performance quality, technique, energy, strength, unison, quality of movement, character etc. THIS is what fills that other 75%... so we have 3 weeks to get THAT maximised.Good is not what we're aiming for. Commotion is known for greatness. We are exceptional, and we need to push harder to not only meet but EXCEED the expectations of our audience.Awesome dancing can't be faked. We don't want the illusion that the kids are dancing well, we just want them to really truly dance AMAZINGLY. So that's three lessons left now to TEACH them how to dance better, to give them the confidence and support and knowledge of HOW to make it spectacular.Stress is an inhibitor to success for most people, especially children. We DON'T want to stress them out. Right now our dancers need our help, our support and our positive energy. Lot's of positive energy. This is the time we build them up, not knock them down. NO NOT PUT STRESS OR PRESSURE ON THE KIDS!!!"How can we do it better?" That is the motto. For us as teachers, for them as dancers, for everything relating to the concert. How can we do it better? Encourage filming, demonstrate the choreography the way YOU want it done, let the kids film you... they can take it home and work on it. Some will. Some won't. But with some enthusiastic encouragement a big impact can be made here. What can you do to make your dancers truly honestly seriously really the BEST THEY CAN BE for concert?If there was ever a time that called for extra effort, big energy, mission focus and clever time management and efficient teaching... it's now - in this next 3 weeks.I really want this to be the best Commotion concert ever. And we have 17 prior concerts of awesomeness to compete with. Look back on your DVDs, they were GOOD!!! How can we do better? It's all going to come down to the kids, and what they deliver on that stage. Let's equip them with all the tools and all the preparation so that they can really THRIVE!Ready team? This is the challenge of our lives... and even though I honestly think we're a little behind where we should be on this one - at this point in time - I have NO DOUBT that we can work as a team to pull this off. I have confidence in you, but it's time to step it up.

This is our 18th year!!! HOW can we do it better? We need to do better! HOW can we do it better? We need to do better! HOW can we do it better? We need to do better! HOW can we do it better? We need to do better!

My fear is mediocrity. The dream is outstanding exceptionality.

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