Here's a little poem adaptation I wrote back in 2014. I like to pull it out again each year for my studio to post on our Facebook. You're welcome to use / adapt etc. if you want.

‘Twas the week before concert, and all through the school There was chaos, and teachers were losing their cool The costumes were hung over hallways and barres And children still practicing “Fa la la la’s” Excitement and nerves were all peaking on cue As the kids saw their costumes all sparkly and new The staff all looked tired and the sewers stressed out But the students were buzzing and dancing about The mums and dad purses and wallets were bare Because shoes, stockings, make up and “dance” underwear The notes were read twice and the lists triple checked And costumes hung nice so they wouldn’t get wrecked The folks start to wonder is it worth all this fuss? But the little ones smile when they’re dancing, and thus The show must go on and the curtain will rise And the lights will all shine just like stars in their eyes We gather together to watch them on stage Filled with such pride, “they’re so good for their age” Curtsies and bows with a grin and a wave They did it, they danced, they were all so brave Then cuddles and hugs from Grandma and Pa Presents and chocolates for being a star ‘Cos all the kids were, in their own special way, And this is the magic of our concert day.

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