Today I want to talk about a funnel, in particular a sales funnel. Some of you may have heard of this term and it basically just refers to the way people go from not knowing your business to buying your service. Have a look at the diagram attached and here is some explanations:

• Unaware Buyers: (Cold Audience) At the top of the funnel are people who have no idea about you or your business. Because they are totally unaware of what you do, we want to use marketing to introduce your service to these people. For Facebook you would use the Awareness objective when creating an ad.

• Interested Buyers: (Warm Audience) Once consumers become aware of your business, they will try and figure out if they need it and why. Why do I need to pay you for dance lessons? Why is your studio better than someone else’s? Here you want to educate people on why your brand or business is something they need.

• Ready to Buy: (Warm AUdience) After you have convinced a person that they can’t live without your dance classes, you need to get them over the finish line—and to sign up. At this point, you can offer them free classes, discounts, uniform discounts etc to give them extra incentive to join.

• Buy and Upsell: (Hot Audience) Finally, once a person has committed to purchase (to sign up for class), make sure to continually engage them and encourage them to buy more of your product. So this is very important that your staff have the correct training on how to onboard a new client, add more classes and sell uniforms and apparel. Don't miss this important part and don't be afraid to mark up your apparel accordingly so you actually make good money from it.

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