(You definitely should be!)

Officially, Instagram stories now have better engagement that regular posts. Young users especially are more likely to flick through the stories at the top of the screen than to scroll down through their feed.

It's an opportunity for undivided attention on a full screen of phone real estate, even if just for a moment.

And the interactive stickers are a brilliant way to increase engagement in your content and build a relationship with your customers. There are countdowns (which you could use for upcoming concerts), polls, excitement meters and more.

An Instagram story size is 1920x1080p (like a full HD video), but flipped sideways into portrait mode. You can take a photo in the app, and use that - or you can create a story in your preferred graphic design app and upload that.

I encourage you (in all that time that we both know you don't have right now, but maybe can find 2 minutes on the toilet or one handed whilst brushing your teeth in the morning) to experiment with Instagram stories and try and post one per day for a week.

Here is an EXTREMELY helpful article about Instagram stories... how to make them, what to post etc.

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