Are you running a Green Studio?

I'll admit, I'm not the environmentalist I wish I was. I'm lazy, and other things also seem to get pushed higher up the priority list. I'm grateful that some of my staff are far more committed to trying to help the future of this planet, and have pushed hard for me to make changes in the business.

I do believe that as businesses we have a higher responsibility than a household to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our impact.

So what are some things we can do?

  • Digital newsletters

  • Collecting cans

  • Not using disposable plastic in the canteen

  • Repair electronics when possible rather than replacing

  • Choosing locally sourced and sustainable products

  • Re-using / re-selling / buying second hand costumes

  • Ensuring lighting, appliances and a/c is switched off when not in use

  • Meeting virtually when possible for staff meetings

  • Promote green initiative

And not to sound shallow or opportunistic, but beyond the genuine importance of it from an ethical perspective, it's also great from a brand perspective too. We're not just businesses, we're also educators, and we can have an exponentially more powerful impact by influencing and inspiring others.

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