7 ways to motivate dancers right now

  • Set clear, achievable goals and work towards them over a tangible timeline of (for example) 4 weeks. Short-term goals, that can be measured and celebrated when conquered.

  • Provide purpose. With concerts in question, eisteddfods postponed and no real performance opportunities in the foreseeable future, PURPOSE is the one thing most students are missing right now. In-class competitions, video projects... even just performing a routine for a special guest or a small group of parents inside the studio could help to remind our dancers of why they love what they do.

  • Celebrate effort and enthusiasm, and create a culture in the studio that these traits are the most highly regarded - above anything else. Congratulate students on achievements on social media, with a roar of applause in class, or even just with a thoughtful message to mum and dad.

  • Work harder than the students. Dance bigger. Sweat more. Smile wider. The teacher sometimes has to be the battery of energy for the class, and certainly always sets the tone and vibe of every lesson. Joy is contagious.

  • Set up a spotify playlist and ask them to add their favourite songs for class.

  • Bribery is awesome. Give out lollies, prizes, awards and anything you've got.

  • Ask them what they want to learn.

  • Offer 10 minutes of game time - or group bonding time - at the end of class, as incentive if they smash through the rest of the lesson with enthusiasm, hard-work and extra effort.

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