At ________ we live for dance. Our awesome team of passionate, dedicated and nurturing teachers are looking forward to getting to know all of our new students for 2020. Visit www.studiowebsite.com.au to find the perfect class for your child.

Does your girl or boy love to perform? Here at __________ performing is our passion, and we are currently accepting new enrolments for our upcoming 2020 season. Visit www.studiowebsite.com.au to find out more.

For a young child, learning dance can be a magical adventure and a brilliant opportunity to build confidence, make new friends and keep fit and healthy. Here at _______ our goal is to make every child's dancing experience positive and fun. We have a huge range of classes for boys and girls ages 3 to adult, and right now enrolments are open for 2020. Secure a spot for your child now, or call us to book a free trial.

We are bursting with excitement about all of the awesome new classes we have running in 2020. There's something for everyone in this year's timetable. Jump onto our website now and take a look.

Imagine your little preschooler buzzing with energy and joy as they step out of their first ever dance class with a huge smile on their face, feeling like a superstar. Gleefully bouncing and excitedly telling mum and dad the stories of the magical adventures they've just experienced in class - twirling, leaping, grooving and moving - all in an imagination-inspiring FUN dance lesson that is designed especially for pre-schoolers and empowers every little girl and boy to express their creativity and energy. Here at ___________ we LIVE for moments like this. Call us today to book a free trial class for your pre-schooler, so that they can experience the magic of dance.

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