I use these up to a hundred times a day! On my Mac, when dealing with files in FINDER, I rely on a bunch of shortcuts to folders in the sidebar on the left.

Essentially, you can drag a folder to the FAVOURITES section of the sidebar in Finder and it creates a little "shortcut" to the folder there. It doesn't move the location of the folder - it just sort of links to it.

But you can then not only click to it quicker that finding its real location, you can also drag files directly into it.

I have my 8 most frequently accessed folders there:

  • iCloud Drive (where I store all my documents)

  • Regularly-Needed Documents

  • Commotion Brand Kit (logos etc.)

  • Studio Savvy Brand Kit (logos etc.)

  • Commotion 2019 Photo Shoot

  • Commotion 2018 Photo Shoot

  • Commotion Social Media Content (ready-to-post)

  • Studio Savvy Content (ready-to-post)

The best one is the "Regularly-Needed Documents" folder, which is actually a subfolder in my iCloud drive that I like to put the direct shortcut to my sidebar. This has my studio timetable, info pack, a bunch of infographics like "free trial information", "how to submit active kids vouchers" etc. and pretty much anything I might need to send by email fairly regularly including scans of my passport, drivers license, medicare card etc. There's only about 12 files in total, which is important for a quick-access folder like this, so that it's extra speedy to navigate, and with the sidebar Favourites shortcut it's only ever a single click away.

For basic Mac users, watch this video to see exactly what I'm talking about... then try it. This is a big timesaver!


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