16 ways to create some "MAGIC" for your students and their families

  • Cupcakes given out at the end of class

  • Spontaneous surprise pizza delivery in the middle of a rehearsal

  • Hand-written birthday cards being sent out by post to each student on their birthday

  • Class visit from a real Ballerina en pointe

  • Bubble machine used for a song in a preschool class

  • Surprise guest teacher for Senior class with a well-known industry choreographer

  • Free tea and coffee for parents in the waiting room

  • Special guest act in the end of year concert

  • Excursion to the Australian Ballet

  • Themed weeks (eg. halloween, valentine's etc.)

  • Red carpet with paparazzi on arrival to the presentation night

  • Christmas present delivered to the front door of each student

  • Special message to the studio from a celebrity on Cameo (it's an app)

  • Partnering with local businesses to offer big discounts to your families, in return for cross promotion

  • Class perpetual trophies, taken home by a different student each week

  • Studio branded temporary tattoos, rubber bracelets, bottled water etc.

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