Have you ever been in a situation where your phone battery or laptop battery died? It's debilitating. A nightmare of stress for most studio owners.

I don't know about you, but I LIVE on my Macbook Pro. I work on it all day, then teach with it all night... then sometimes even watch TV on it in the evenings.

Generally there are 5 main locations where I use it:

  • My desk in my home office

  • My lounge room

  • My bed

  • The reception desk at the studio

  • The dance room I teach in most often

Now I know this will garner a few eye rolls (and fair enough), but my goal is to have five chargers - one for each of these spaces.

At the moment I have three. Two for home, and one for the studio. Perhaps five is excessive. A normal person would simply take the charger with them from place to place. But I am so not a normal person. And when I did only own one laptop charger, I found myself ALWAYS leaving it behind and being without it at the times I needed it most. (Too many late night drives back to the studio to pick up that damned charger.)

Extra chargers aren't crazy cheap, but they're not outrageously expensive either. For me, the investment is a no brainer. One less thing to have to think about. One less thing to pack and unpack multiple times a day. I have "stations" set up in all the places I need them.

Same for phone chargers, but even more so. Phone chargers are cheap. I have one in most rooms of my house, and one in each room of the studio - which helps not just me, but my staff too (because let's face it, pretty much everyone has the same phone).

So the hack is... buy an extra charger (or 7) and put them where you need them most often, as a permanent fixture. You won't regret it

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